Why logo is important for businesses?

1.First Impression

The colour, patterns, style, design of a logo tells the customers about the company. A person never even heard about the company can see the logo and can almost tell what kind of company it is.

2. Brand Identity

A good logo tells a story about the company. The colour, shape, font size of the logo plays an important part in telling the story.

For example : The white and blue colour in BMW brand represents clouds and skies as initially BMW used to aeroplanes.

3. Memorable

A good logo makes a space in human mind. A person can forget the name of the brand(that’s a human nature) but they will remember a good logo.

4. Separates from Competition

A good unique logo stands out of the competition in the market. It shows that its brand stand out at a unique place in the mind of the customers.

Example – Seeing Red a person can quickly recall Coke in his/her mind

5. Build credibility and trust

A good logo builds trust among customers by conveying the message and the work process to its customers. It is equally important in B2B as well as B2C market.

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