Why website is important for businesses in today’s time?

The world is going online, say shopping, classes, events, everything is going online. People are spending ore time online. According to Digital 2020 report published by We are Social and Hootsuite, more than 4.5 billion uses internet while 3.8 billion are now in Social Media. Nearly 60% of the world population is online and it is increasing everyday.

Reasons for importance of website –

1.Online Presence

Being online gives you a major advantage of being present 24/7. Customers can connect to your business anytime they want from anywhere.

2. Bigger Reach

Online presence gives business opportunity to connect to customers not just in local level but with customers from other places.

3. Marketing Medium

Websites serves as a place where the business can advertise 24/7. Even if the offline presence is closed, online presence is always on.

4. Increase Exposure

Being just offline, only local people come to know about the business, but being in online world, people from far off places also come to know about the business. Even local people become more aware about the services or products that the business provide.

5. Capture Leads

Website helps to capture leads for business. This helps the business to know the customers who are interested in the business. This helps to advertise correctly and target right customers.

6. Customer Support

Customers facing any problem can reach the business directly online without visiting offline store. This builds trust among customers.

7. Portfolio

Website let’s the customers to know what type of business you are. It tells the type of product or services you can provide.

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