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Why it is important to have a good logo?

Logo acts as a representation for the brand. Almost 99% of the people recognise a brand by its logo. Logo tells the potential customers who you are, what you actually do and how are they going to benefit from you.

Reveals your identity

It Grabs Attention

It Makes a Strong First Impression

It Separates You From Competition

Facilitates brand loyalty

Characteristics of a good logo:

Logo should be simple in nature

A simple logo is soothes the eye. A simple logo not only is easy to produce but also plays an important role in engaging the customers. A powerful logo is that which can define the brand in its very minimum design.

Logo should be distinct in nature

Logo should not be the same as of the competitors. It will not only confuse the customers but will also result in loss of many potential customers.

Relevant to the company

A logo should clearly communicate a brand’s personality and identity. There should be right use of colors and font size.

Logo should be versatile

Logo should be flexible in a way that it can be used at different sizes. Even a very good logo can become useless if it becomes unrecognizable if the size is changed.

Logo should be memorable

The goal of a logo is to create a connection with a consumer and generate interest in your brand. When consumers can easily recall your logo and brand, they are more likely to connect them with your company. Logos that are easy to remember and produce a strong impact are valuable because they help your brand stick in consumers’ minds.

Logo should be timeless

The logo should be such that it should be relevant and effective over the years.Its impact should not fade with the time. Quality should be focused over quantity. Finally, a memorable logo should always strive to be unique. Even in industries where there are standards and common norms for designs, your logo should always aim to stand out from the pack as much as possible.

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