Sal Woods Camp

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About the

In a natural setting, you may not know how much your are missing away from home when you are spending more time inside the house doing your typical routine. Salwood Camp is the answer to your problem. It is a haven of serenity for mind, body and soul intended for connecting and relaxation that is located in Ulhatu, Jharkand, India. They introduce you to new experiences and activties that you have been likely to attempt but have not yet had the chance to. They are just starting out with their camping company and are able to accomodate up to 18 campers at a time. Salwood Camp has a lot to offer.

Challenges/ Problems

Salwood Camp, like any other business, sought to attract more people to their camping trips and build its brand presence. As people spend most of the time online, Sal Woods Camp needed a website to showcase their company. Website should be well designed to represent their brand online. Website should also be dynamic in nature able to respond to client's inquiries, make reservations, and take payments.

Our Solutions

After doing some research and taking some inspirations we designed the website. To know the impact of our design we took some feedback from the people in our testing phase. We created a design whrerein the website's aura has a beautiful view of greenery designs that enriches the whole environment, as well as the feeling of peace and relaxation when they open the site. its like a breath of fresh air that makes the trees sway in joy as a soft breeze blows through them. Sal Woods Camp's healthy atmosphere is also represented in the brochure by three colors: mud, which depicts gorgeous landscapes, blue, and shades of green, which indicate a fresh breeze, and green fern, which signifies vitality, freshness, growth, balance, youthfulness, and tranquility.

The Results

Creating a powerful design that embodies the essence of Salwood Camp took a clear choice from us. The website is also beneficial in a way that it allows you to make automated payments and deal with no hassles. By visiting the website one can enquire about the camping details as well as make reservations. More people are interacting with the website.The client was pleased with the end outcome and gave us some favorable feedback on our designs. We'd love to collaborate with you on further projects.